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About TenFour

TenFour is the Premier Solution Provider of Red Forge. TenFour is a technology company that designs, deploys and manages global IT infrastructure through Red Forge's scalable Continuous Infrastructure Service™ (CIS™) —an IT infrastructure-as-a-service utility for enterprise Wide Area Network, Local Area Network, Unified Communications and Data Center systems. TenFour is unique in the industry by the way in which it provides simplicity and peace of mind while lowering operating costs and risk for commercial enterprises. In working with Red Forge, TenFour has become the infrastructure fabric that runs business' data.

TenFour's worldwide headquarters and Network Operations Center (NOC) house world-class infrastructure in a highly collaborative work environment, including a state-of-the-art technologies lab and training facility. The TenFour team is comprised of operations and engineering experts who hail from the finest institutions and most renowned companies in the world.

TenFour has a rich 17 year history of providing integrated IT solutions to their enterprise customers. Over the years, these household names have entered into and continued to renew their sizable CIS™ contracts with TenFour, entrusting the firm with the management and security of their incredibly large and highly complex environments. Some of these customers opted for full CIS™ deployment across all platforms- WAN, LAN, Unified Communications, and Data Center. Others started with one platform and expanded to include the others as a result of their experience.

TenFour and Red Forge work so well together because they both have a deep understanding of what customers need: lower operational costs, ability to focus on strategic initiatives, predictable expenses, and minimized network downtime. Simply put, customers need to focus their time and resources on driving value for their organization. Moreover, TenFour and Red Forge know that to deliver the kind of change CIS™ brings, you have to fundamentally believe in the work you're doing.

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We've created a better way for businesses to install, operate and manage IT infrastructure in a reliable, predictable, secure way that helps drive value to their organization.

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