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6. Single Vendor

Get out of the IT supply chain management business.

Managing an IT department requires you to deal with multiple vendors on a daily basis: different hardware manufacturers and dealers for servers, phones, networks, and routers; system vendors, integrators, telecom expense management companies, and hardware maintenance providers. How many meetings do you have to take to address all these members of your supply chain? That's a lot of contacts to make and even more information to keep track of.

With us, there's only one infrastructure, so there's only one company you need to do business with. We manage the supply chain so you don't have to. When you have an issue, consider it handled. We'll coordinate your resolution from start to finish. Get your day back while increasing your bottom line. 

Key benefits:
  • One vendor for one infrastructure
  • We own the issue end-to-end
  • We coordinate a resolution
  • Simplify your supply chain
  • Drive cost savings and increase revenue



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We've created a better way for businesses to install, operate and manage IT infrastructure in a reliable, predictable, secure way that helps drive value to their organization.

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