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Unified Communications (UC)

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BYOD (Bring Your Own..... Device)

The BYO that's work appropriate.

With the increase of personal mobile devices like cell phones, laptops and tablets, many companies are facing challenges with managing administration and security. Our ITSM solutions are geared towards solving these issues and mitigating risk. You can give your employees the flexibility and comfort of using their own device while giving yourself a little peace of mind.

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Wait, there's more...

This is what sets us apart from the pack.

Why stop there? As part of the Red Forge service, we also provide ongoing support so you can be sure your team is communicating with best-in-breed collaboration tools.

We're not just trying to sell you IT network components. Our service is different because we're providing a comprehensive IT solution delivered as a utility.



Techical Consultative Engagement

It's not always easy and it's rarely planned, but things do change. We're prepared, and we make sure you are, too. In addition to learning about your environment during the design of your solution, we create a technology roadmap for your organization. There's a plan in place, no matter what may come.



Proactive Configuration Management

Your organization's communications are really important; stability is paramount. We continuously perform administrative updates to reduce defects and ensure top-notch performance of your network.



Engineering Response

Stuff happens. When it does, we fix it. And then we take the time to provide you with all the information, including triage, analysis, and fault resolution.



Remote Monitoring and Management

We ensure your infrastructure is functioning at the highest level, so that you can take on projects most valuable to your organization. You finally get to do the things you've had to put off for so long!



Hardware and Software as a Utility

Ever wish there were more hours in a day? With our Proactive Technology Refresh, at least you get a few of them back. Say goodbye to juggling vendor meetings and reviewing costly upgrade proposals.

Who We Are

We've created a better way for businesses to install, operate and manage IT infrastructure in a reliable, predictable, secure way that helps drive value to their organization.

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