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If something needs to be fixed, our team is there.




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Rapid response

And you stay in the know every step of the way.

With CIS™, you have a single maintenance contract for your entire infrastructure. When we're monitoring your network, if something requires a fix, there is a seamless handoff from our Remote Management and Monitoring team to our Engineering Response team. We have an ITIL–based process that ensures you're notified of the situation right away.

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We get to the bottom of it

We don't just fix the issue, we find the root cause.

We understand that when something needs fixing, you want to know why. We take care of that by providing triage, analysis, and fault resolution for any issues that may arise.

Our continual improvement process also includes review of all incidents, so we can prevent them from occurring again.

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Vendor management

We handle all the moving parts.

We know there are a lot of pieces to the remediation puzzle. You probably have equipment in your IT environment sourced from dozens of different vendors. When one or several things stop working, that's a lot of time spent emailing and talking on the phone to get it resolved.

We coordinate with all the equipment providers and carriers to resolve issues quickly and always keep you informed. We are your single point of contact, so you can stay focused on what drives your day.

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We'll be there for you (literally)

If remote response isn't enough, we go to the next level.

We understand how important your systems are to your operations and offer you service level agreements (SLAs) to meet your needs. We offer management of on-site work logistics and coordination for remediation, and can dispatch one of our top-tier engineers globally. You need us, we're there.

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Who We Are

We've created a better way for businesses to install, operate and manage IT infrastructure in a reliable, predictable, secure way that helps drive value to their organization.

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