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Would you like to eliminate unplanned incidents in your infrastructure, be able forecast your spending, and know that your network will always be up to date? Yeah, we thought so.

Red Forge has created a whole new way to think about IT consumption and delivery. Our Continuous Infrastructure Service™ will improve the way you consume, install and manage your IT infrastructure.

We analyze your current environment and design your network. We provide proactive administration, handle monitoring, and perform repairs (if it comes to that). We also offer equipment and software as a utility – like your water, gas and electric.

Yes, network monitoring, repair and administration are best practices in IT. But we've made them better because now you can get them in a utility model. This is a refreshing approach to IT management. 

CIS™ makes operating costs more predictable. You don't just pay as you go, you only pay for what you use (just like your electric bill). We are continuously investing in the utility infrastructure, and you get all the benefits of a trusted solution where the power is always on.



Everything you’ve been looking for is finally here.

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Analyze:  Technical Consultative Engagement

We perform discovery to assure the roadmap we create aligns with your business needs.



Administer:  Proactive Configuration Management

Our in-life operations and maintenance mean we not only maintain your IT infrastructure, but help optimize it as well.



Repair:  Engineering Response

We remotely return your troubled network to its prior working state. And if you need us, our expert engineers will be on your doorstep.



Monitor:  Remote Monitoring and Management

We manage your network on our ITSM platform while you retain control, visibility and real time reporting on your infrastructure.



Equip:  SmartWare™

It doesn't matter if you're on-prem or off, in the cloud or not. We deliver all your IT services as a utility. IT infrastructure-as-a-service, just the way you need it.


Who We Are

We've created a better way for businesses to install, operate and manage IT infrastructure in a reliable, predictable, secure way that helps drive value to their organization.

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