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You have a business to run. We get that.
In order to effectively run that business, you need a reliable, secure IT infrastructure that helps drive value to your organization. That's easier said than done. Until now.

The number of obstacles we face in business seems to increase every day: rising security threats, ever-changing technologies, budgetary concerns, unplanned work, and talent retention are just a few that keep popping up.

On top of all that, IT infrastructures are more complicated and expensive to maintain than ever before, causing companies to spend a tremendous amount of time and effort just to keep the lights on. As your business grows each year, so do your number of endpoints. The challenge becomes keeping your costs down to allow for that growth, scaling to meet business requirements and maintaining your same service levels.

Does this sound familiar?

There has to be a better way to handle IT infrastructure, right? Well now there is.

We think it's time to re-imagine IT, don't you?





Introducing:  Continuous Infrastructure Service (CIS™)

We've developed a simpler approach to install, operate, and manage IT infrastructure; a model that actually aligns with your business objectives and solves the challenges we've all been facing for decades. And it does it all in an OpEx model that allows for predictable budget forecasting. 

Imagine:  IT as you need it. The way you want it.

Here's the bottom line: your network will never work the way you need it to if it's not built correctly and from the best possible components. CIS™ is based on our proven, tested Tier 1 reference architectures that are optimized for your specific industry and security requirements. We reduce network complexity, therefore we reduce defects.

While we're on the topic, chances are you don't want to spend your time dealing with network defects, or any kind of unplanned incident. Managing business information systems creates way more value for your organization than administering boxes and wires, right? With CIS™, you can get back to what matters.

CIS™ also reduces unnecessary costs by providing a utility model. You don't just pay as you go, you only pay for what you use (just like your electric bill). We are continuously investing in the utility infrastructure by way of R&D, IT Service Management (ITSM), and engineering—and you get all the benefits of a trusted solution where the power is always on.

We give you scalability and agility with CIS™. Those may just sound like words, but think about how important the concepts really are. Business is changing all the time. If you need to expand your operations, we expand with you. If we're managing your WAN and you need us to start managing your Data Center (or everything else), we can do that too! We accept that change is inevitable—so we plan for it. We're here to make sure you're ready for anything.

There's more! CIS™ gives you 100% visibility and control of your entire IT infrastructure—without having to actually manage it all by yourself. It's a completely different way of building and managing your IT infrastructure, regardless of where your data lies.


Explore how Red Forge can help you get back to spending time and energy on innovative, revenue-generating projects.

7 Simple Ways to Re-imagine Your IT Network With Continuous Infrastructure Service™:

1. Reference Architectures
2. OpEx Purchasing
3. Proactive Technology Refresh
4. Co-Managed Network
5. Resource Optimization
6. Single Vendor
7. Flexible Adoption

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1. Reference Architectures

No more reinventing the wheel to build networks that just don't work.

Over the past 17 years, we've tested network components and configurations and become experts in understanding the way they all work. We realized that customers often try to build networks from so many different parts and pieces that don't necessarily fit together. Managing all of these variables results in complicated, costly and risky infrastructures that result in overall network instability.

We don't want that to happen to you. So we've introduced our Tier 1 reference architectures—proven and validated IT infrastructure configurations that are based on our years of research and experience and your industry specific requirements. We identified the best infrastructure for different industries which means you don't have to reinvent the wheel—we've given you an accelerated head start. We're talking pre-defined and lifecycle-managed by generations. It just works.

Key benefits:
  • 17 years of experience in building and analyzing networks
  • Researched and tested to guarantee best configurations and equipment
  • Designed with equipment, software and circuits for specific industries
  • Saves you the time and resources required to build a network from scratch
  • Increased uptime
  • Increased stability
  • Decreased risk



2. OpEx Purchasing

Get rid of unpredictable IT spending: pay on a consumption basis.

Purchasing IT as a capital expense means waiting for budgeting cycles to be approved and then hoping that they don't change as business priorities evolve.

At Red Forge, we recognize the growing desire to purchase IT on an "as needed" basis. OpEx purchasing is IT infrastructure delivered as a service, allowing for better financial forecasting and control. Our model allows you to expense on a monthly pay-as-you-use basis so you can easily and accurately allocate funds to different projects and scale your infrastructure requirements with your business goals. 

Key benefits:
  • 20-30% reduction in operating costs
  • 15% overall average savings
  • Smooth out consumption with more predictable expenses
  • Billed per item, per month
  • Clear contract terms
  • No capital requirements



3. Proactive Technology Refresh

Stay fresh without additional cost.

Aging technology requires you to stay on top of technology trends, deal with multiple vendors, research compatibility issues, and budget for the most up-to-date equipment. Who wants to deal with all that?

With CIS™ you get a proactively planned technology refresh at no additional cost— it's built into the service. That means you don't have to worry about any surprise invoices and can refresh only the equipment you need. There's no pressure from vendors to constantly upgrade your infrastructure. This allows us to ensure your service is running at an optimal level. Stay up to date without carrying the worry or extraordinary expense that comes with implementing every single release that's available. Now that you can deal with.


Key benefits:
  • Guaranteed refresh of every configuration item device within 48-60 months
  • Reduce vendor meetings
  • Eliminate outdated equipment
  • Avoid obsolete technology
  • Reduce complexity and cost by limiting architectures to two generations
  • Increase stability and performance with rigorously tested upgrades



4. Co-managed Network

Share visibility: co-pilot with Red Forge.

Managing a network alone takes your focus off revenue-generating IT initiatives. With Red Forge, you don't have to worry about your network, but if you want to see it, you can.

A co-managed approach to infrastructure administration means you stay in control. End-to-end visibility means you have access to real-time data through our portal. Run reports and dashboards, submit orders and requests, or chat with our engineering team. Whatever information you need, you have the power to get it, immediately.

If issues arise, we'll troubleshoot and coordinate everything to ensure resolution. A co-managed network is a lot easier, simpler and more efficient than managing an infrastructure on your own. It also eliminates the headache of dealing with multiple bills from different providers. Let us be your co-pilot.

Key benefits:

  • You have access to real-time information
  • Modify templates and service attributes
  • Shared operations, platforms, and common software tools create economies of scale and ultimately, lower production cost. We pass those cost savings on to you.
  • Define change management procedures
  • Add, change, and disable components to adjust your infrastructure and meet your business needs
  • US-Based Network Operations Center (NOC) is available to take your calls/address issues 24x7x365



5. Resource Optimization

Get the most out of your team and ours.

Finding and retaining talent is difficult and costly. Once you find your A-team, how do you make sure that unplanned admin work doesn't take their focus off revenue generating projects? We have the solution.

Red Forge's 24x7x365 Network Operations Center is fully staffed with experienced, certified engineers ready to help manage your network. We dedicate all our resources to you, so your A-team can get back to managing the business information systems that drive value to your organization.

Key benefits:
  • Reference architectures require considerably less time and labor to administer, repair and upgrade
  • Refocus 40%-60%+ of your time on your business information systems (instead of focusing on "keeping the lights on")
  • Eliminate unplanned incidents
  • Focus on adding value to the bottom line
  • Enable staff to take on exciting and valuable projects
  • Red Forge adopts primary responsibility for infrastructure configuration items and their operation



6. Single Vendor

Get out of the IT supply chain management business.

Managing an IT department requires you to deal with multiple vendors on a daily basis: different hardware manufacturers and dealers for servers, phones, networks, and routers; system vendors, integrators, telecom expense management companies, and hardware maintenance providers. How many meetings do you have to take to address all these members of your supply chain? That's a lot of contacts to make and even more information to keep track of.

With us, there's only one infrastructure, so there's only one company you need to do business with. We manage the supply chain so you don't have to. When you have an issue, consider it handled. We'll coordinate your resolution from start to finish. Get your day back while increasing your bottom line. 

Key benefits:
  • One vendor for one infrastructure
  • We own the issue end-to-end
  • We coordinate a resolution
  • Simplify your supply chain
  • Drive cost savings and increase revenue



7. Flexible Adoption

Go at your own pace or dive right in – it's your call.

This infrastructure is dedicated to you – so you're the boss. You can choose to outsource all or just part of your network based on your needs and readiness. We provide solutions across four platforms – WAN, LAN, Data Center (DC) and Unified Communications (UC), but that doesn't mean you need to upgrade all at once. You can start with one at a time, so we can show you the value and you can have flexible, controlled adoption. Your infrastructure on your terms.

Key benefits:
  • No requirement to overhaul your entire infrastructure
  • You stay in control
  • Gradually deploy CIS™ to part of your infrastructure as needed
  • WAN, LAN, DC or UC coverage
  • Scale outsourcing when and how you need it




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