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Business Focus. Engineering precision.

Red Forge offerings are implemented by our partners using the ITIL methodology. Here’s how it works.



At Red Forge, we're all about innovation. We also understand the importance of adopting best practices. ITIL is the most widely accepted approach for IT Service Management in the world, and we eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration...but not by much. We make sure we're the best by engraining this methodology into everything we do. The coolest part? With us, you have a dedicated team to guide you through each step.


To help you get where you want to be, we have to understand where you are. Red Forge collaborates with your team to validate current and future business priorities. We also work to establish a baseline for your existing operational performance. Once we do that, we can select an optimal reference architecture and technology roadmap for you. What does this mean for you? A simplified network, lowered operating costs, mitigated risk, and ultimately, peace of mind.



Our engineers are highly educated and trained; they have outstanding technical and operational expertise. Why does that matter? This is the team that configures rigorously tested reference architectures for your WANLANData Center (DC) and Unified Communications (UC). They do this in order to get you up running quickly with a secure solution that delivers the functionality you need and the consumption model you want.



All the collaboration, discovery, planning, and design come down to this phase. We deploy your service, run rigorous tests to ensure a seamless transition, and turn it up. We do it quickly and without defects. Some might say we make it look like magic.


What would you do if your time was freed up from dealing with the day to day operations of your IT infrastructure? Would you analyze all the data from your Big Data initiatives? Or perhaps you’d develop applications that give your company the competitive edge it needs? We deal with everyday administration changes, monitor your global IT infrastructure, and make sure any issue is quickly and securely addressed so that you can focus on your core business.


For us, “optimal” is the only acceptable level. We meet with you on a regular basis to review our service so that we can continuously improve. We update our roadmap to align with any changes in your business priorities. If necessary, we initiate a roadmap redesign to ensure your IT infrastructure continuously evolves to meet your needs.

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We've created a better way for businesses to install, operate and manage IT infrastructure in a reliable, predictable, secure way that helps drive value to their organization.

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