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Red Forge was born of honor, fearlessness, and innovation. It all began in 1998 when some great business and engineering minds founded an IT services company, Alliant Technologies. Alliant partnered with powerhouses like AT&T and Cisco to build integrated IT infrastructure solutions around Network, Data Centers, Unified Communications, IP collaboration, and Data Storage.


Through the years, Alliant gained a deep understanding of what their customers need: lower operational costs, ability to focus on strategic initiatives, predictable expenses, and minimized network downtime. Simply put, customers need to focus their time and resources on driving value for their organization. In 2006, Alliant expanded to deliver managed services as part of its offering.

In 2008, a team within Alliant struck on an idea that broke away from the conventional wisdom of IT departments everywhere. This idea served as the catalyst for the development of a whole new way to deliver Infrastructure-as-a-Service: Continuous Infrastructure Service™ (CIS™).

By 2012, the team behind CIS™ had a realization: this concept was so viable that it could change the very nature of the industry. It was clear it needed its own company to fearlessly pursue the innovation of changing IT consumption for all companies in the future. Thus, Red Forge was born.

Red Forge developed revolutionary platforms, created a breakthrough format for contracts, and introduced a simplified billing process. The next step was finding the most effective way to deliver our cutting edge services to the world.

The search for our premiere service provider brought us back to our roots. With nearly two decades of industry experience, successful partnerships with several Fortune 100 companies, and an established global customer base, Alliant Technologies is equipped to deliver Red Forge to the market. Most importantly, we knew Alliant would represent the Red Forge brand with the spirit of fearlessness, honor, and innovation upon which it was founded.

Our Name

Red is a color that symbolizes fearlessness and honor. A forge burns hot to build new innovations made with craftsmanship, precision and thoughtfulness. Red Forge harkens back to the Industrial Revolution where people fearlessly developed new ideas and created new products. The Red Forge brand is inspired by the individuals who used the technology of their time to create industrial infrastructure. Today, we are re-imagining IT infrastructure.

Our Vision

To re-imagine the way IT is delivered and to reignite American innovation in the information economy

Our Mission

"We get companies innovating again. We have the solutions to free up IT professionals' time and energy and get them back to exciting, revenue- generating technology projects. We reduce IT costs by creating rigorously tested networks, services and solutions for our customers that offer increased efficiency, usability, responsiveness and rock-solid dependability, providing an exciting, innovative and honor-driven environment for our employees, customers and partners."

Our Values


We challenge the status quo, take smart risks, and do what we think is right – even when the rest of the market is doing something very different.


We act with honesty and integrity, seek what is best for our customers, and take responsibility for our actions. We know that our word and handshake are enough.


We think boldly and differently, look for better ways of doing things, and operate on the leading edge with transformative, dependable solutions.

Who We Are

We've created a better way for businesses to install, operate and manage IT infrastructure in a reliable, predictable, secure way that helps drive value to their organization.

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